2020-05-29 Casey/Sb

Call for putting into context with people overthinking it for decades

anti-alumni dis-alumni

motivations for joining? student-member-owner-worker

establishing cooperative network

alternative structure for looking at institutions makes me want to get involved

how concerns change over time

a way to see moments not as islands

institutions control arrivals and departures

blank slate every 4 years

visibility – what it meant momentum fruitful in a time

systematically corall stifling of imagination

existinguishing narrative


history of it and space to create whatever they are

just trying to pass make the most of time/money campuses prey on naiveté

limits of imagination at times in my life

knowing of a way of existing in other places

archiving as resistance knowable, discoverable, understandable

I can’t pass the torch fuck that place! shares that burden

untimely collaboration