2020-05-30 Casey/Joanne

who has the resources to make disos

politics of archiving

a website is necessary, but it’s not the challenge people face in creating these

how to assist and make production easier?

activists’ burden of passing the torch

hard to maintain the infrastructure for knowledge transfer

rare feeling like you have resonance

without some more concerted effort, what you find is determined by search relevancy

for whom is it in favorable to associate with these other schools?

who might benefit from maintaining obscurity?

considerations of trust, safety, and levels of access – couldn’t really have an open activist chat, would need to control access

these are not dead publications, they’re live and become new every year

zine library code of ethics

good idea: collaborating with existing consortium like projectstand

class on understanding structural issues around health, finance, everything else

Phase I

working directly with students and with an org like project stand

not coming in as outsider and appropriating knowledge

Phase II

org structure is something to discuss with students/student groups, who co-determine what it needs to be

how does a group of people called together by the existence of a shared resource collaborate and make decisions?

can set intentions, which are not prescriptive: open access participatory shared decision making need to work with students

things people don’t talk about:

what work pays for your life? all three of us have dayjobs.

this is not to pay us, but to give resources to students

if someone had said: here’s a pot money to produce publications, as 18 year olds, that would’ve been great

access to resources in unequal, can we use the credibility of some institutions to direct resources in other ways?

dangers of over archiving, over studying, too much in realtime

next step: learn more about project stand: how do they work, what do they need?

when i was a student i was conditioned over many years into thinking all institutions only want to fuck you over

institutions are the result of however people create them

comes back to question of intent

maybe they do want to fuck you over, but there may be counter-intuitive ways to navigate

TODO: write some questions to student groups: what do you need? what’s the hardest part? where could you use help, even if it doesn’t yet exist? (not what you think you can get, but what you would really want.)

important that this is not a grant to pay ourselves channeling our capabilities

produce pandemic edition regardless

eyebeam won’t be a barrier

proactively imagining what should exist and then wrangling resources to make it happen

infrastructure, models reflecting good intent and not accident

building resources and larger narrative so others can do it too

not becoming an archive which preys on counterculture as a way of justifying complicity