How to Sync Notes from HackMD to Github

  1. Open the note you want to sync
  2. In the menu near the top-right of the screen, click ... > Versions and Github Sync
  3. Click Push to Github
  4. You will be prompted about line breaks, you can just select Switch Now
  5. In the settings, under “Select repo” you will only have one option. Select disorientations/ “Select branch” will autofill with master and you can leave this as is.
  6. Under “Select file” you can choose which folder and what filename you want to sync this document to. If it’s a “how to”-type document, use the _docs folder. If it’s meeting notes, use the _notes folder.
  7. After selecting the folder, you can type in your desired filename and click Create a new file. It will automatically add the .md extension for you. Check out the other filenames in the folder and try to match the convention you see there.
  8. Lastly, you need to add a “version name”. This is kind of like a status message about what you are changing, so I often just write “Push to Github” to indicate that I’m syncing a new note.
  9. Submit the form, and you should see a confirmation screen appear.
  10. Once you’ve configured a file’s sync configuration, you’ll see a streamlined interface in the Versions and Github Sync modal. You can now push updates to the file just by clicking Sync and adding a brief note about what has changed in the version name.
  11. Check – your note should be published there within a minute or two!